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Elevate your game with the HK Army Cleat Covers, meticulously designed to safeguard your cleats and enhance your playing experience. You will no longer have the worry of getting rocks or debris in your cleats during your matches.

Engineered with cutting-edge materials and functionality in mind, these covers are your ultimate solution for keeping your cleats in top-notch condition.

Say goodbye to worn-out cleats and hello to extended durability and peak performance—game after game. Gear up, protect your cleats, and dominate the field with confidence!


  • Effortless Protection: Slip-on ease meets exceptional protection. Our cleat covers effortlessly slide over your cleats, providing a snug fit that ensures your cleats remain shielded from wear, tear, and damage.
  • Stretchable Performance: Crafted from premium stretchable materials, these covers offer both durability and flexibility. Say goodbye to the struggle of putting on or taking off your covers—enjoy hassle-free application every time.
  • Secured Laces: Say farewell to loose laces disrupting your game. The snug fit of our cleat covers helps keep your laces firmly in place, allowing you to focus on the game without interruptions.
  • Debris and Paint Defense: Designed to repel debris, dirt and paint, these covers act as a protective barrier, preventing unwanted elements from entering your cleats. Keep your footwear clean and optimized for peak performance throughout the game.


  • Short version is 11 inches (Mid-Shin Height)
  • Sublimated graphics on the exterior of the cleat cover.
  • Helps ensure your laces stay clean and tied.
  • Keeps dirt, rocks, paint, and bb's out of your cleats during game play
  • 4-Way stretch material which keeps the cleat cover secured on your cleat and ankle.
  • Great for paintball and airsoft
  • Comes with left and right covers (sold in pairs)

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